Construction Security In Los Angeles & Orange County CA

With an improving economy there is much more construction happening. Often times these sites contain millions and millions of dollars in equipment, materials, and other valuables. These sites are the focus of criminals trying to legally obtain these valuables. To help prevent this, Protect Us Security offers high quality, affordable construction security by experienced guards in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Bernardino County.

Construction projects have a unique set of security needs. These sites require experienced security to carry out plans to secure construction sites, the supplies and equipment contained within the sites, as well as those that work in the sites. The best way to reduce risk is to always be prepared and Protect Us Security brings this about by analyzing the situation, executing a plan of action, tailoring measures aimed at meeting construction security and then monitoring the ongoing operation.

Construction Security Includes:

Uniformed Unarmed Guards

Visitor and Employee identification

CCTV monitoring

Vehicle Patrolling

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